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For Form B, you should have completed Form A and have your Registration ID.
If you have not completed Form A, please click here and complete it before proceeding with this form.

If you have completed Form A but forgotten your entry ID or need any assistance/clarifications, you may contact us at:

Whatsapp:+65-96513538 or

Prepare to Perform 2023 Reg. Form – B
OR Title of Creative Writing
Duration (Mins)
Recitation duration (close approximate is acceptable too)

Maximum file size: 1MB

Format: Jpeg, Doc, Docx or PDF

Details of the person responsible for this ENTRY (to whom the details of the class will be sent)

Please retype email for confirmation

Maximum file size: 1MB

Format: Jpeg or PDF
Please NOTE: Although we will try to accommodate your requests, we cannot promise that your requests will be met.
Terms and Conditions of Entry

PREPARE to PERFORM 2023 – Form B!